Preventive Care

Excellent oral hygiene is the best preventive care. However, lifestyle factors and improper oral hygiene methods force people to undergo expensive, painful, and intensive dental procedures.

Preventive measures for achieving good oral hygiene vary according to teeth structure, age, gender, culture, lifestyle, profession etc. Our experienced team of dentists will conduct a thorough dental check-up, analyze and provide a personalized maintenance plan to keep your gums healthy and to protect your teeth from caries.

Happy brushing 🙂

Restorative Dentistry

Partially damaged teeth, decaying teeth, empty spaces from lost teeth can all cause overall dental health to deteriorate gradually. This will significantly affect an individual’s confidence and quality of life.

Our restorative program will repair your teeth to mimic nature as intricately as possible.

With the aim of preserving natural teeth, we offer a wide range of treatments like natural-looking fillings, inlays and ceramic onlays for teeth restoration.

Crowns, Bridges, Dentures & Implants are performed to replace teeth for both functional and aesthetic purposes. At Metropolis, we tailor your treatment plan to address your specific need.

Re-treatment Pragramme

Many times, people are forced to discontinue dental procedures for reasons like relocation of self or the dentist, unsatisfactory treatment, or unaffordable circumstances.

If you experience any discomfort or pain, please feel free to book your appointment with us and we will take it up from where it was left off. Our Endodontists are dedicated to give your tooth extended life even if you had a failed R.C.T or discontinued one.

Advanced Care

By availing the latest technology and services of handpicked experts in the field, we offer unmatched advanced dental care at Metropolis.

Here are some of the advanced care treatments we offer:

Cosmetic Dentistry (Smile Clinic)

A good smile is an asset, as it enhances your personality and confidence. Unfortunately, oral deformities can lower your self-esteem and prevent you from smiling confidently.

Cosmetic dentistry helps to scientifically overcome these aesthetic limitations.

At Metropolis, we carefully evaluate your personality and expectations to design a smile that defines you and reflects your inner beauty. Our expertise in cosmetic craftsmanship assures you renewed confidence to express yourselves fully and freely in your personal and professional life.

Beautiful smiles make the world merrier. Keep smiling!

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